Now Playing 3.0.1

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Now Playing 3.0.1


Macs are simple. Mac apps should be too. I understand, you’re busy. You’ve got work to do. Writing. Coding. Drawing. And how about do your work with a song? 

The best way you’ll make it through all the things that you need to do is to control your iTunes without switch between the windows, or tap on your keyboard.

I also known inspiration is the most important thing through your work, but also the easiest to disappear.

It’s time to focus on your work. It’s time to get Now Playing.

The all new designed Now Playing 3 features everything you need. In it, you’ll find all of these shiny features:

1. Control your iTunes with a pretty Popup Window on your Menu Bar.
1.1. Play / Pause, toggle Previous / Next track.
1.2. Player’s position control via your mouse wheel scrolling or mouse / Trackpad dragging.
1.3. Volume control via your mouse wheel scrolling or mouse / Trackpad dragging.
1.4. Love your track.

2. Amazing visualizer view for the now playing track.

3. Share your current playing track via various social network.
3.1. Share Music with Title / Artist / Album / Artwork / Store Links and anything you customized.
3.2. Share Movies / TV-Shows with Title / Artist / Album / Artwork / Thumbnail / Store Links and anything you customized.
3.3. Customize the Share Message Format in Now Playing 3.
3.3.1. Use {NAME} label to insert Track’s Name to the Share Message.
3.3.2. Use {ARTIST} label to insert Track’s Artist to the Share Message.
3.3.3. Use {ALBUM} label to insert Track’s Album to the Share Message.
3.3.4. Use {STOREURL} label to insert iTunes Music Store / Apple Music Link to the Share Message.
4.3.6. Use {NPTAG} label to insert the ‘#NowPlaying’ tag to the Share Message.

5. Now Playing 3 now designed for both Light Mode and Dark Mode in OS X.


* The {NPTAG} label will insert ‘#NowPlaying’ as the social network’s tag, for Sina Weibo in China, Now Playing will insert ‘#NowPlaying#’ as the tag automatically.
* The {STOREURL} label would ONLY work for the tracks that purchased from the iTunes Music Store, tracks from Apple Music, exclude the iTunes Match tracks.
* Now Playing needs your iTunes running to observing the now playing track information changes, so launch Now Playing may launch your iTunes automatically. If you want to quit iTunes, please quit Now Playing first.

Because I cannot reply any reviews on Mac App Store, get in touch with us at: [email protected]

What’s New in Version 3.0.1

Now Playing 3 is coming! 

Greetings and salutations! Time flies very fast, I still remember the first version of Now Playing was released about 2 years ago. And the version 2 was released at last year. Now Playing hasn’t been updated in the most recent year. I’ve been hard at work on this all new Now Playing 3 for a while, and I’m pleased to tell you it comes today! I knocked down walls, ripped out cabinets, and sweated the details of this beautiful new release.

In this version of Now Playing, I’ve redesigned the user interface for you, easy to use, easy to share. I also add some short cut keys for you to share your Now Playing track with your friends. Further more, you can easily change your iTunes’ volume and player’s position via mouse wheel scrolling. If you listen your tracks online(iTunes Radio, Apple Music, etc.), Now Playing may crashes again and again before, but don’t worry, I’ve added a stunning visualizer view for these kind of music to prevent the app crash. 😉

Last but not least, I also focus on making large performance improvements by increasing application efficiency and eliminating resource shortages and bottlenecks these days, it works!

And the most important thing: Now Playing 3 is a FREE update for all Now Playing 2 users!

I would not prompts you for a review, I value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to me. Thank you in advance!

● What’s new in Version 3.0.1
○ Nothing new.

● Bug fixes in Version 3.0.1
○ Fixes a bug that may causes artwork cropping in a wrong ratio.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Download Now Playing 3.0.1 for mac OS X Free Cracked

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