NZBin 1.1.4

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NZBin 1.1.4


NZBin – The fast and intelligent usenet NZB download client for Mac OS X 

Downloading files from usenet has never been easier with NZBin. Just import your nzb files into NZBin and it will immediately start downloading the files from your newsserver, including repairing, extracting, obfuscating and filename correction and much more. All within a beautiful and very smooth interface.

Main features:

· Incredible download speed.
Downloading with NZBin goes Incredible fast. The efficient thread handling will push the download speed to the maximum. All tuned for minimal system usage.

· Auto repairing.
NZBin will automatically detect and repair damaged downloads. No need for external tools. It is all included.

· Auto extraction.
Auto extracting ZIP, 7zip and RAR files, including the new RAR5 format. Repairing goes completely automatically.

· Password detecting.
The smart password detection will inform you for password protected downloads even before the files are downloaded.

· Unlimited primary and backup newsserver support.
You can add as many primary and backup newsservers as you like and each supports an unlimited number of connections.

· Super fast takedown detection.
NZBin is incredible fast in detecting takedowns.

· Move downloads to desired folder.
Automatically move extracted files to a different drive (optional).

· Reverse filename correction.
When an extracted filename is reversed, NZBin will automatically correct the filename.

· Obfuscation correction
Where possible NZBin will correct scrambled filenames back to their original filename.

· Smart par2 downloading
NZBin only downloads the required repair files. This will save you time and bandwidth.

· Notification messages
During the whole download process you will be kept extremely well informed about download, repair and extract details and everything else you need to know.

· Auto cleanup
When an archive is extracted, NZBin will cleanup all the files that are no longer needed.

· Full Drag & Drop support.
You can easily drag and drop your NZB files on the main interface or dock icon and the download starts immediately.

· Full SSL support.

What’s New in Version 1.1.4

– Added: Full Drag & Drop support.
– Changed: Some UI components for El Capitan.
– Fixed: NZBin is now compatible with ALL newsserver platforms.
– Fixed: Unquoted filenames in NZB files no longer return as ‘null’.

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  • ‎NZBin Screenshot
  • ‎NZBin Screenshot
  • ‎NZBin Screenshot
  • ‎NZBin Screenshot
  • ‎NZBin Screenshot

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