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  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot
  • ‎Paste - Clipboard Manager Screenshot

Paste stores everything you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, so it’s always there whenever you need it again.

It’s widely used by designers, developers, writers, lawyers, support specialists, and anyone else who wants to work better, faster, and smarter every day.

“Paste is the Mac clipboard manager you never knew you needed.” — The Next Web


Paste is like a time machine for your clipboard. It makes it easy to instantly find and access any text, link, image, or file you’ve ever copied on any of your devices.

– Extend your clipboard capacity so that everything gets saved and nothing gets lost.

– Use intelligent search to quickly find that “meatball recipe from Safari” or anything else you can remember copying.

– Choose which apps you don’t want to keep track of to maintain complete control over the data Paste stores for you.


With an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, Paste lets you quickly get what you need and get on with your life.

– Scroll through an at-a-glance view of your clipboard featuring large, easy-to-read previews of content so you can find stuff fast.

– Edit and save changes to copied content before using it in other apps.

– Pin copied items that you use frequently and keep them just a click away.


With instant iCloud sync, you can access all your copied content and pinboards at any time from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

– All Paste data is stored in your own iCloud storage using industry-standard security technologies and encryption.

– Not only does Paste let you sync your data across all your devices, it plays nice with Universal Clipboard too.


Start using Paste and discover features that will become part of your workflow so seamlessly you’ll think they were always there.

– Select and paste multiple copied items simultaneously.

– Remove formatting from copied text and paste it as plain text.

– Share copied items via text, email, social media, AirDrop, etc.

– Use Paste Stack to copy and paste a set of items in a specific order across multiple apps.

– Set up shortcuts, rules, limits, and more to configure the Paste that’s perfect for you.


Paste is available in a monthly or annual subscription plan with a 14-day free trial. Both plans offer all the great Paste features to help you work smarter and faster on all devices, plus regular app updates and improvements, for an extremely low rate.


Visit to learn more and get in touch with us at or @paste_app on Twitter — we’re always here to help.

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Languages English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

What's new

There are only a few minor improvements for Paste on Mac included in this update, but check out Paste for iOS and try the new Paste Keyboard.

Please consider writing a review and sharing your experience if you enjoy using Paste. Follow @paste_app on Twitter and contact us at if you ever need help.

18 comments on "Paste – Clipboard Manager"

  1. GaryHost says:

    You reaaaallllly have to block outgoing connections with this version. It does work. But it’s sensitive.
    Only using only Little Snitch in my case was not sufficient to make in a way because it would keep trying to connect to some server every 5 seconds and this would result into using a lot of CPU. So editing the hosts file is necessary.

    Here are the steps:
    0) first uninstall completely using AppCleaner. If you want to backup your data, copy the container folder AKA ~/Library/Containers/com.wiheads.paste (the folder will appear as “Paste” in the Finder).

    1) Reboot, and if you have a tool that clears Cache like CleanMyMac X, run a cleaning before rebooting. Just to make sure that this works.

    2) Now that you’re logged in again, edit the hosts files.
    For advanced people, this would be “sudo nano /etc/hosts/”.
    For noobs just grab that file, copy it on the Desktop, and open it in TextEdit. (little hint: you can see hidden files in the Finder using this hotkey: cmd+shift+dot)

    3) Add this at the end of the file:

    4) Advanced users, write out, grab a sip of your milkshake. Noobs, save the file, and make sure in File Infos, that TextEdit didn’t add an extension to the file, like .txt or .rtf, otherwise this won’t work. Just delete it if that’s the case.

    4.1) Noobs, navigate back to the /etc/ folder and drop the edited hosts file.

    5) Drag the in /Applications but don’t open it just yet.

    5) In Little Snitch or something similar (LuLu for example), Add these rules:
    Block Connections to domain
    Allow Connections to domain (We redirected this to localhost using the hosts file, so it’s gonna trick Paste into thinking it’s connecting)

    6) Alright Launch the app, and enjoy. + with this configuration you even have web links previews and “QuickLook-style navigation, since we’re not blocking ALL connections)

    …. This works good for me.
    Even though rarely, sometimes, for some unknown reason I had to uninstall, because locks and subscription screen would appear all of a sudden. In case that happens to you, keep the app DMG, just back-up the container folder on the desktop as stated above, uninstall completely (AppCleaner), redrag the app in /Applications/ and copy back the container folder into ~/Library/Containers…

    Good Luck to all of you!
    I hope this was helpful to someone.

  2. NE0 says:

    Just revert back to Paste 2. It’s solid and working good with Paste 2 for iOS. Syncs beautifully without a subscription. It’s free but you need to install the old version. There’s a few ways of going about this..

  3. Paste says:

    For everyone:

    The app works fine but since it autoupdates from Mac App Store it will ask to subscribe.

    To fix this either disable auto updating of apps or navigate to Applications folder, find Paste and right click on it. Select ‘Show Package Contents’ and delete the _MASReceipt folder (tested with this and won’t break the app). This will make so the app won’t show installed on Mac App Store therefore won’t update on its own.

    • Fas says:

      Where do you see a place to disable auto-updates? there isn’t one in this app….?

      • Paste says:

        I meant autoupdates from Mac App Store, this app doesn’t have that option. You need to disable auto updates for all apps to prevent it from updating.

        Or just delete the file inside _MASReceipt folder

    • TrejoStudio says:

      I have used the method of deleting the _MASReceipt folder and it works perfectly. Indeed, Mac App Store cannot detect it.

      What I did was to apply the method before opening the application for the first time.

  4. Monsieur-Pomme says:

    doesn’t work, too bad, one of my favorite and most used apps

  5. Fas says:

    No longer working as far as being patched or whatever. All my notes after 6 days usage are now locked when I open the app on my 14″ M1Pro Mac running latest Ventura. It worked great before but seems like something phoned home because now it wants me to subscribe monthly or yearly and I cannot paste the previously copied items in my MANY clipboards the app has saved. Bummer….

    Will try and reinstall and block with firewall etc and see but I have my doubts and really want the benefit of icloud syncing which also worked until this am when I opened the app and saw everything locked.

    • Scans says:

      Yeah Paste 2 works but Paste 3 patch is non functional. You can downgrade back to Paste 2 though.

      • Fas says:

        What do you mean Paste 2? Where does one get the older version? Didn’t see it in app store.
        I uninstalled this one, used clean my mac to uiinstall all old remnants and reinstalled, deleting mas receipt. The app store says expires in 10 days but the app itself says annual…so, so far I’m good. We’ll see what happens after the 10 days is up lol.

        This app is sooooo useful that I’m actually going to subscribe for the yearly legit deal. 15.00 isn’t much for a year and it’ll work across all my devices and the cloud sync is superb and makes it worth simply coughing up 15.00 for, for a year nonetheless….it’s worth it indeed,

        • Fas says:

          and what do you mean paste “patch” or do you mean paste PATCHED..? confusing. And there is no Paste “2”

          • Scans says:

            If you look at this version number this is 3.1.5 it is Paste 3, type paste in the search bar you will see there is Paste 2, the older version before the 3.x update. Paste 3 (3.x onwards) the patches don’t work meaning you only get trail. Paste 2 still works though.

        • Fas says:

          oh duh, nevermind lol.

    • Monsieur-Pomme says:

      If you have the solution, please tell us 🙂

    • Paste says:

      Check my other reply once approved

      • Fas says:

        Ive replied a few times here and wasn’t needing to await approval…please reply back. I think it just didn’t get posted, if you try again it undoubtedly will post right away

  6. Juri says:

    Is not a full version

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