Sketchode 2 2.0.1

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Sketchode 2 2.0.1

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The second version of Sketchode with extended functionality, a software solution for developers that provides quick access to the element of design project created in Sketch. More fast, with renewed design and improved interface, Sketchode 2 became more convenient tool to work with.

The main working process with Sketchode 2 remains unchanged:
1. Designer finishes the GUI development in Sketch and exports the project in a format compatible with Sketchode 2.
2. Developer opens the project and gets access to all the necessary design materials.
3. Due to the integration in Jira, it is possible to download/upload design projects directly from/into an issue. 

The main advantage of second version is the enhanced content display method. Now all the items are created with the help of vector graphics, what allowed to increase the productivity and reduce the consumed resources.

Another advantage is a guideline menu, due to which it became possible to search for items by certain parameters such as text styles, colors or bitmaps, and display them in a preview mode or open directly in the export preview panel.

Export process was refined. Now it is possible to create and save the standard export configuration for later use. Export Image Assets and files in PDF became available, making developer’s work easier.

Main features:
• View the complete tree of the elements used in the original design project in the navigation panel and display the restored version in preview mode;
• Get access to the design elements in the preview window and in the export preview panel;
• Display all the necessary information on a selected object;
• Display a selected item in the export preview panel;
• Export an item or a group of items into files in the extension specified by User;
• Send and upload Sketchode projects into Jira, by simply specifying the issue number.

Special features of Sketchode 2:
• Search for the certain items in Guideline by text style, color or bitmap and display them using smart preview;
• Layers blending became available;
• Export Image Assets and PDF;
• Create, save and download the standard export configuration;
• Use loupe to zoom in the elements and define colors;
• For weak machines it is possible to reduce the display quality of zoomed images.

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What’s New in Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes and other improvements

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