Switchem 1.1.0

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Switchem v1.1.0


Switchem is a productivity tool for those who value their time and want to automate their workday routine. An entirely innovative approach means always to be ready to resolve any tasks without wasting time doing routine preparations. Applications in groups. Switch between groups in a second.

Simply put, Switchem is an application that allows you to put applications with their windows in groups that are often used in different activities/tasks and run or even quit ones by a single click. Switchem automates all the manual work that you’ve done up to this point:

  • run and quit applications,
  • arrange windows in a certain order and sequence for a particular task,
  • change size and position of windows,
  • open default folders and files,
  • open default web pages in tabs and windows in your favorite internet browsers*,
  • bring to front your applications,
  • and many more…

  • A huge amount of time saved – Use time to complete important tasks, not intermediate actions.
  • A new level in your productivity score – Be the first in everything, solving any tasks lightning-fast.
  • Lighting-fast switching between everyday tasks – Immediately immerse yourself in the work without preparation.
  • Bring to front your apps instantly – Find the right apps from the deep ocean of windows and other apps in a second.
  • No longer overlapped windows – Recover a broken group of apps by a single click.
  • Favorite layouts of windows – Make each workspace personalized to feel more comfortable.
  • Forget annoying Spaces – Nobody likes Spaces due to a lot of limitations that Switchem doesn’t have.
  • Run or quit apps – Save your time and run or even quit all the apps in the group by a single click!
  • Jump on windows – Quickly switch between windows in current group.
  • Convenient and familiar shortcuts – No need to learn new shortcuts. Just remember Option key or add yours.
  • Easy to use – Just start using the app without making any effort to learn it.
  • It just works – Switchem uses the latest technologies and frameworks, which allows giving a stable application work.

What’s New in Switchem

Version 1.1.0:

  • Added the ability to add an additional folder while creating a new group
  • Added the ability to add a file for the selected app in order to open one with the group
  • Added the ability to save web pages in tabs and windows for Google Chrome and Safari browsers
  • Added the ability to add a file on Google Chrome and Safari previously saved locally
  • We got much love from our Japanese friends, so we added Japanese localization
  • Added a label to display the screen resolution on which the group was created
  • Added the ability to change the default shortcut for the current group’s windows switcher
  • Improved mechanism in which windows automatically change their position and size based on the screen resolution
  • Improved the ability to work with fullscreen windows
  • Based on many requests and suggestions, the group’s thumbnail will contain application icons, instead of a simple screenshot
  • Now the preferences window has an icon in the Dock
  • Improved the ability to quickly jump between applications in the last activated group
  • Significantly improved overall stability, so Switchem should work even faster
  • Fixed an issue with editing text using shortcuts
  • Fixed possible issues with Adobe Creative Suite 2017 and later applications
  • Fixed possible issues with iWork applications
  • Fixed possible issues with Microsoft Office applications
  • Fixed a ton of all kinds of small bugs and crashes

Requirements for Switchem

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

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