VMware Fusion Pro 13


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macOS 12 or later
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Harness the full power of your Mac when you use VMware Fusion to run Windows, Linux, containers, Kubernetes and more in virtual machines (VMs) without rebooting.
VMware Fusion and Fusion Pro – virtualization software for running Windows, Linux, and other systems on a Mac without rebooting. The latest version includes full support for Windows 10, macOS Mojave, and the latest Macs, including the 18-core iMac Pro and MacBook Pro with 6-core Intel i9 CPU.. VMware Fusion support DirectX 10.1 and Enhanced Metal Graphics Rendering Engine. The virtual machine platform also delivers full 64-bit support with up to 16 vCPUs, up to 3072 MB graphics memory, 64GB RAM, and an 8TB hard drive for a single virtual machine.



What's new

  • New Guest Operating System Support
    • Microsoft Windows 11
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
    • RHEL 9
    • Debian 11.x
    • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Support for Apple Silicon Mac
  • Fusion now supports running Arm virtual machines on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Universal Package for x86 and Apple Silicon
  • A single universal package (.dmg) is provided for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
  • New Virtual Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • Fusion now offers a virtual Trusted Platform Module (version 2.0) device to support Windows 11 and other operating systems that require a TPM.
  • New Full or Fast Encryption features
  • You can now choose between security (Full) and performance (Fast) options for encryption.
  • Improved Graphics Support: OpenGL 4.3
  • Fusion now supports OpenGL 4.3 for Windows and Linux on Intel Macs as well as in Linux arm64 virtual machines on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Support for WDDM 1.2
  • Fusion now supports WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) version 1.2 for virtual machines.
  • Support for vSphere 8 and ESXi 8. In addition to standard power operations for ESXi hosts, Fusion 13 also supports:
    • Connect to ESXi 8 Hosts or vCenter Server 8
    • Upload or Download VMs between ESXi and Fusion (Intel Macs only at this time)
    • Create a new VM on a remote server from the local desktop

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  1. mazen says:

    not working with m1

  2. Jenny says:

    That is utter rubbish… keep parallels!

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