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Greater control of the authorship process with Augmented Citation Copy, Augmented Glossary, Augmented Views, Cuttings & more.

When you are ready to share your work as a PDF you get an automatically created Reference section. You can also post to WordPress.


• Copy from PDF in the companion application Reader and paste as a full citation in Author

• Paste the BibTex or DOI from an academic PDF to have it automatically turn into a full citation

• Cite quickly and easily from Books, Web pages and YouTube videos (from specified time if desired)

• Citations can easily be moved around from one document to another by clicking on the citation and choosing ‘Copy Citation’.

Advanced Automatic Export Options

• Append References Section

• Create Cover Page

• Number Headings

• Specify how citations should appear: Author Date or Author Number

• Makes typed-out links live

• Option to have Visual-Meta attached

• Publish to WordPress: Supports multiple accounts and image attachments

Advanced Views

• Dynamic View: Think freely without being constrained by the traditional columns of text. Mind map, concept map and jot down thoughts, right inside Author.

• Instant Outline: Pinch on your trackpad to fold the text to see just the headings. Pinch further in or out to see more or less headings

• Advanced Find: If you only want to see sentences with a specific keyword, select the keyword cmd-f to hide all the sentences which do not have the keyword will be hidden. Click on a sentence to jump to it, cmd-f again or ESC to return to the regular view.

• Magic Margins: Double click in the margins (in full screen mode) to jot down any notes. If the notes are also in the document they will be bold and you can double-click to see all their occurrences. Note: These margins do not follow your document when you scroll, they are separate, to allow you to have an always-available space to jot notes–hence they are not like traditional margins


• Everything you Cut (but not Copied) is remembered by Author. CMD-shift-v to see what you have Cut and choose what to paste

Modern & Minimalist

• Makes Author fast and gives you auto saving and everything else you would expect from a modern, native macOS application including iCloud Drive (sync with Author iOS in the future)

• cmd- / cmd+ to scale all the text, you cannot change the size, colour or font of specific text in Author, only make it bold and italic, since Author is a writing application, not a layout application so therefore gives you less things to unproductively fiddle with

• Reduces eye strain and supports native macOS Dark Mode

• Including complete citation information and internal links to them. Author is minimalist but not markdown.

• ESC to go into and out of full screen. It seems like a detail but is very helpful when going between focused writing and interacting with many documents.

A Liquid Product

• Integrated with Reader (PDF reader): Provides instant citations through simply copying and pasting text using the Visual-Meta method as described at

• Integrated with Liquid actions: Provides hundreds of commands in less than one second on any selected text.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions and of course, bug reports at [email protected] or connect on Twitter: @liquidizer

Thank you!

Frode Hegland



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