Unibox 1.3.2

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Unibox 1.3.2


A completely new way to organize your emails.

“Unibox’s slick interface and contact-centric design make it the best client we tried.” — Appleinsider 

“It’s easily the simplest and most unique email app on the Mac right now.” — MacAppStorm
“A welcome, fresh new approach to email on the Mac” — Macworld
“Unibox Makes E-mail About People, Not Boring Old Mailboxes” — Cult Of Mac

Unibox is an email client that groups your messages by person. This way your emails are organized automatically and you always find what you are looking for.

Unibox supports IMAP servers:
– Gmail
– iCloud, me.com, mac.com
– Yahoo!
– Exchange if IMAP is enabled
– Hotmail, outlook.com, live.com
– Fastmail
– QQMail
– Self-hosted IMAP servers
– Many more

Single window:
Instantly compose your messages without opening new windows.

Easily drill down into a conversation view with multiple participants.

Powerful Filters:
Show only messages that are unread, starred, have attachments or were sent by people from your address book.

Unified Accounts:
View messages and conversations across all your accounts.

Switch Accounts:
Focus on single accounts or folders when necessary.

Attachment List:
Quickly find documents and files you exchanged with other people.

Attachment Grid:
Visually browse your attachments and images.

Preview attachments without launching external apps.

Use multiple identities with a single account, including separate SMTP servers.

What’s New in Version 1.3.2

– Menu icon for dark mode
– Ability to jump from an attachment to its message via context menu
– Keyboard shortcuts for moving into and out of a conversation
– Improved format when forwarding an email
– Message download improvements
– Spam & Trash folders excluded in “All messages”-View
– Improved address book sync, including display of pictures
– New languages added: Japanese, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Catalan
– Lots of bugfixes and performance improvements

Coming very soon now: Unibox for iPhone and iPad!

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