iFFmpeg 6.1

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iFFmpeg 6.1

iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.

What’s New

Version 6.1.0: 

  • Added ‘Apple CoreAudio AAC/AC3/ALAC de/encoder’ support. Encoding movies with AAC/AC3/ALAC audio are now about 30% faster. Make sure you use a FFmpeg version supporting this
  • Added option ‘Set Encode Date and Taged Date’ with options ‘Disabled, Current time and Original Time’
  • Added”SMPTE ST 428-1″ to Color Primaries selector
  • Added “Log square root”, “IEC 61966-2-4” , “BT.1361” , “IEC 61966-2-1”, “BT.2020 – 10 bit” , “BT.2020 – 12 bit” ,”SMPTE ST 2084″ , “SMPTE ST 428-1” to color transfer characteristics selector
  • Added “BT.2020 NCL” and “BT.2020 CL” to color space selector
  • Added ‘Draw background’ option for Forcing Font Styling
  • Added ‘Background color’ option for Forcing Font Styling
  • Added ’Background Transparency’ option for Forcing Font Styling
  • Added support for HAP video codec (MOV container)
  • Added aditional file extentions when encoding to audio only: AAC (.m4a and .aac), WAV (.wav and .aiff), OGG (.ogg, .oga), ALAC (.m4a, .caf)
  • Added advanced option ‘Use Cutoff bandwidth when encoding with the build-in AAC encoder’
  • Added option ‘Use transparency (only for webm)’ for creating movies from PNG images with alpha channel
  • Added option ‘Chroma to Luma Quantizer Offset’
  • Added x264 option ‘Deadzone Inter’
  • Added x264 option ‘Deadzone Intra’
  • Added x264 option ‘Disable decimate P-blocks’
  • Improved x264 option ‘AQ-Strength’ – now a range from 0 to 3
  • Added x265 option ‘Adaptive Quantization Mode’
  • Added x265 option ‘Level’
  • Added x265 option ‘Calculate and report Peak Signal to Noise Ratio’
  • Added x265 option ‘B frame placement’
  • Added x265 option ‘Encodes interlaced content as fields’
  • Added x265 option ‘Profile’ (main, main-intra, mainstillpicture,main444-8,main444-intra,main444-stillpicture,main10, main10-intra main422-10, main422-10-intra main444-10, main444-10-intra,main12, main12-intra main422-12, main422-12-intra main444-12, main444-12-intra)
  • Added x265 option ‘Encodes interlaced content as fields’
  • Added x265 option ‘Level of RDO in mode decision’
  • Added x265 option ‘For each CU, calculate R-D for a range of QP values’
  • Added x265 option ‘Noise reduction’
  • Added x265 option ‘Maximum TU size’
  • Added x265 option ‘Disable temporal motion vector predictors in P and B slices’
  • Added x265 option ‘Limit References’
  • Added x265 option ‘Disable the use of lookahead’s lowres motion vector fields’
  • Added x265 option ‘Strength of adaptive quant offsets’
  • Added x265 option ‘Rate distortion optimizated mode’
  • Added x265 option ‘Deblocking Loop Filter tC Offset’
  • Added x265 option ‘Deblocking Loop Filter Beta Offset’
  • Added x265 option ‘Disable Toggle Sample Adaptive Offset loop filter’
  • Added x265 option ‘Specify how to handle depencency between SAO and deblocking filter’
  • Added x265 option ‘Rate-Distortion Analysis’
  • Added x265 option ‘Enable Parallel mode decision, or distributed mode analysis’
  • Added several helptags for x265 options
  • Added video filter ‘Gradfun’
  • Added option ‘Strength’ (Gradfun)
  • Added option’Radius’ (Gradfun)
  • Added option ‘Auto GOP multiplier’
  • Added value ‘Zero’ for Global, Sub, Pre Motion Estimation options
  • Added support for OGG audio in MKV containers with H264 or H265 video codecs
  • Added video option ‘Framerate Mode’
  • Added option ‘Merge Subtitles’ to Merging files
  • Added option ‘Include All Streams’ (merging)
  • Added DPX and SGI support for extracting images from movies
  • Added preference option ‘Default Subs Charset Encoding’
  • Added preference option ‘Related Subtitles Files’ (Ignore, Ask to Add as soft or hard subtitles, Add as Soft subtitles and Add as Hard burn subtitles)
  • Extended the max. value for ‘Limit Motion Vectors Range’ to 64
  • Extended the max. value for ‘Motion Estimation Quality’ to 11
  • Updated x265 option AQ-Mode
  • Added preference option ‘Enable encoding while system sleeps’
  • Improved compiling FFmpeg commandlines
  • Improved sliders – it is now possible to mouseclick the value up and down
  • Improved FFmpeg error handling
  • Improved displaying info when adding a lot of movies
  • Improved x264 option ‘AQ-Strength’ – now a range from 0 to 3
  • Improved Qmin and Qmax – now with a range 0 to 69
  • Improved -psy_trellis and -psy-rd to match new FFmpeg versions
  • Improved H:M:S:F display control
  • Improved H264 Main and High Profile presets
  • Improved splitting audio channels into seperate files
  • Improved merging files without re-encoding
  • Now remembers the last selected extracting subtitles type
  • Now uses the source filename for extracting subtitles by default
  • Scene Change Threshold option can now be set to 0 too
  • When creating movie from images, the FPS is now automatically taken from the Video settings
  • Encoding to VOB and enabling qscale is now added correctly
  • Trimming Digits are now bigger
  • Now checks if the VLC player is available when selected for previewing
  • All settings for the audio filter ‘Dynamic Normalize’ are now saved to user presets
  • h264_mp4toannexb is now enabled by default when encoding to AVCHD Container (M2TS)
  • Improved parsing audio streams with special characters in the handler name
  • Improved displaying output file path in popover
  • Upgraded to MediaInfo 0.7.83
  • Updated several translations
  • Fixed issue when using the DNxHD preset and set video size to HD720
  • Fixed issue when using the DVVideo preset
  • Fixed issue parsing keyint and min-keyint for x265
  • Fixed issue x264 option ‘Weighted prediction method’
  • Fixed issue x265 option ‘Disable Wavefront Parallel Processing’
  • Fixed issue export images when ‘Destination folder is same as source’ is enabled
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Fixed issue with sliders
  • Fixed some control focus issues
  • Fixed issue with progresscircle
  • Fixed issue when enabling ‘Only Encode Selected Chapter’
  • Fixed issue when enabling ‘Start encoding after adding files’
  • Fixed issue setting the correct value for the Audio Tempo audio filter
  • Fixed issue rendering Timecode when using a large fonts size
  • Fixed issue merging without re-encoding (concat) under OS X 10.7.x
  • Fixed issue with Video size listing – 3840×2160 (UHDTV) was listed twice
  • Fixed issue when merging files without re-encoding and the folder names includes special chars
  • Fixed several issues and improved the Segment feature
  • Fixed issue initialising Trimming slider
  • Fixed “Ignore index” decode option
  • Fixed issue encoding to VP9
  • Fixed issue when selecting an aspect ratio 1.37:1
  • Improved encoding to ProRes
  • The Merge filename dialog now uses the user Destination Folder or Same folder as source when enabled in the preferences
  • Changed Watch folder window to a document window
  • Corrected aligment of progress value in Dock Icon


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Working FFmpeg OS X binary (see Related Links)
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