Plisterine: Launchd for the rest of us 3.0.1

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Plisterine: Launchd for the rest of us 3.0.1


Plisterine is an application that will help you easily create, edit, and manage launch agents. 

Launch agents are magical little files with which you can automate the launching/running of applications and scripts when certain conditions you define are met.

Maybe you have a media server and want to ensure iTunes is running all the time, or you rely on Dropbox and can’t afford to not have the sync client running all the time. Perhaps you’re a computer whiz and are just tired of manually creating the launch agents for all of the other apps and scripts you have which automate everything in your digital life…

Plisterine makes configuring launch agents super easy. Seriously, there’s nothing easier than using Plisterine.

With Plisterine you can create launch agents that launch an application/script:
• At a specific time every day
, weekday, or day of the month
• On an interval, such as every 10 seconds, or every hour
• When a change occurs in a folder or to a file
• When a new volume or disk is mounted
• At load or login
• When your application/script crashes (relaunch it)

With Plisterine 3, you can also combine conditions to create complex launch agents.

Plisterine supports launching applications, AppleScript files, Python, Ruby, and Perl scripts, shell scripts, & Automator Workflows. You can even write your own shell script directly in Plisterine! 

Plisterine also has advanced features such as setting the KeepAlive key’s SuccessfulExit & AfterInitialDemand sub-keys, and configuring PriorityIO, Nice, EnableGlobbing, Disabled, WorkingDirectory, RootDirectory, QueueDirectories, and StandardIn/Out/ErrorPath keys for launch agents. Plisterine saves your launch agents to the correct location so that they run automatically when they’re supposed to.

* Plisterine 3 requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher
* Plisterine doesn’t write bad reviews on the App Store for it’s competition

What’s New in Version 3.0.1

– Fixed Enable Globbing key being added to agent even when left unchecked
– Fixed Agent Schedule Interval text field adding commas on edit
– Added Contact Support link in Help menu

If you find Plisterine useful, please consider writing an App Store review. If you need support, please visit Thank you for choosing Plisterine!

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Download Plisterine 3.0.1 for macOS Free Cracked

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